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Evaluation of the Cultural Information Gathering Tool (CIGT)

  • Description
    The Cultural Information Gathering Tool (CIGT) was developed by Townsville Hospital and Health Service (HHS) in 2008. It aims to provide an effective framework for gathering consumer histories and cultural backgrounds that influence the mental and emotional health of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander consumers. It was designed to be completed by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander mental health workers upon first contact with an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander client/consumer to gather cultural information. This is used to guide and instruct clinical teams in culturally appropriate treatments.

    An evaluation was undertaken in 2018 to determine if the goals and outcomes intended were being achieved; to identify positive changes and improvements; and to strengthen the CIGT’s effectiveness in supporting clinical practice.

    Overall, the evaluation highlighted that participants consistently perceived the CIGT as a valuable cultural strategy to translate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural information into the domain of mental health. There are opportunities to: improve clinicians understanding of the purpose of the CIGT and how to translate cultural information into clinical assessments and treatment plans; and review the development and delivery of training. A series of recommendations were developed to further build on the success of the CIGT tool.
  • Regions in scope
  • Funding entity
    Qld Department of Health
  • Research/evaluation entity
    The Townsville Hospital and Health Service
  • Status
  • End date
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  • Categories
    Mental health