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Examining the pathways for young people with drug and alcohol dependence

  • Description
    Young people with drug and alcohol problems are likely to have poorer health and other psychosocial outcomes than other young people. Residential treatment programmes have been shown to lead to improved health and related outcomes for young people in the short term. There is very little robust research showing longer term outcomes or benefits of such programmes. This paper describes an innovative protocol to examine the longer term outcomes and experiences of young people referred to a residential life management and treatment programme in Australia designed to address alcohol and drug issues in a holistic manner.
  • Regions in scope
    New South Wales; Australian Capital Territory
  • Funding entity
    Australian Research Council; Ted Noffs Foundation
  • Research/evaluation entity
    University of New South Wales
  • Status
  • End date
  • Released to public
  • Categories
    Social and emotional wellbeing