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Improving cultural responsiveness of Victorian hospitals: Final report

  • Description
    This evaluation is part of a wider evaluation of the Koolin Balit Investment and was commissioned by the Department of Health and Human Services (the department) to examine Victorian hospital’s efforts to improve the cultural responsiveness and cultural safety for Aboriginal people. The evaluation was conducted during January 2016-October 2016 and relied on a predominantly qualitative approach.

    The five evaluation questions under examination are:
    1. To what extent have Victorian hospitals improved their cultural responsiveness to Aboriginal people?
    2. To what extent have people’s healthcare experiences in Victorian hospitals (including cultural safety) changed?
    3. What strategies have led to the most significant and sustainable improvements in cultural responsiveness and cultural safety of hospitals for Aboriginal people and staff? What are the critical contextual factors which enabled this success, and how could the successful strategies be replicated in other hospitals/settings? Have there been any unintended consequences of the successful strategies?
    4. Are there strategies being employed which are relatively ineffective or unsustainable?
    5. How can we improve measurement and monitoring of cultural responsiveness and cultural safety, both by individual hospitals and state-wide? How can we incorporate measuring the gaps between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people’s access to quality care as a key impact?
  • Regions in scope
  • Funding entity
    Victorian Department of Health and Human Services
  • Status
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  • Categories
    Social and emotional wellbeing