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Red Dust Healing Program Evaluation

  • Description
    The program makes use of visual holistic learning modules, linking Indigenous and non-Indigenous cultures, to help participants with their individual insights and the journey of personal growth and wellbeing. It also includes individual case management plans and ongoing support for participants through reminders of the tools of Red Dust Healing. Importantly, the program also involves a ‘train the trainer’ component, training individuals to enable them to run the Red Dust Healing program with their own community. The workshops are well received by participants. Furthermore, the program has led to tangible positive outcomes for participants, including increased rates of employment, decreased incidence of domestic violence and reduction in re-offending rates. The program also aims to reduce levels of substance abuse, and promote empowerment amongst communities.
  • Regions in scope
    Urban, rural and remote Australia
  • Funding entity
    Caritas Australia
  • Research/evaluation entity
    Jo Thompson Consulting
  • Status
  • End date
  • Released to public
  • Categories
    Social and emotional wellbeing