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Stayin' on Track: the feasibility of developing Internet and mobile phone-based resources to support young Aboriginal fathers

  • Description
    Young Aboriginal fathers face social and emotional challenges in the transition to fatherhood, yet culturally appropriate support mechanisms are lacking. Peer mentoring to develop online- and mobile phone-based resources and support may be a viable approach to successfully engage these young men.

    This feasibility study engaged two trusted Aboriginal mentors and researchers to partner with one regional and two rural Aboriginal communities in New South Wales, Australia. Early in the research process, 20 young Aboriginal fathers were recruited as co-investigators. These fathers were integral in the development of web-based resources and testing of mobile phone-based text messaging and mood-tracking programs tailored to provide fathering and mental health support. Overwhelmingly positive feedback from evaluations reinforced community pride in and ownership of the outcomes. The young men's involvement was instrumental in not only developing culturally appropriate support, but also in building their capacity as role models for other fathers in the community. The positive results from this feasibility study support the adoption of participatory approaches in the development of resources for Aboriginal communities.
  • Regions in scope
    One regional and two rural Aboriginal communities in New South Wales
  • Funding entity
  • Research/evaluation entity
    Family Action Centre, University of Newcastle
  • Status
  • End date
  • Released to public
  • Categories
    Social and emotional wellbeing