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Strengthening Indigenous adolescent mental health and wellbeing

  • Description
    Using Continuous Quality Improvement processes, the research collaboratively conceptualises, designs, implements and evaluates the effectiveness of new approaches to mental health service delivery for adolescents aged 10–24 in three regionally diverse Indigenous Primary Healthcare Services. Expected research outcomes are a rigorous assessment of the impact and economic benefits of making quality improvements to mental health services for Indigenous adolescents. Key benefits are 1) A locally-responsive adolescent mental health screening instrument; 2) Comprehensive evidence-informed service model in adolescent mental healthcare; 3) Best practice protocol for developing and managing adolescent mental health as a service delivery stream.

    This project was funded as part of the Discovery Indigenous Scheme.
  • Funding entity
    Australian Research Council (ARC)
  • Research/evaluation entity
    Central Queensland University
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  • Categories
    Mental health, Social and emotional wellbeing